Sunday, November 24, 2013

(Less) Temporary Living

In moving to this new land we needed two things to begin settling here: transportation and a place to live.  My first several weeks were spent in hotels and driving rental cars but that quickly got old and I’m happy to say we’ve taken some big steps toward more permanent solutions.

As Kristin mentioned in the previous post, we bought a car.  It’s not the car we initially wanted but it’s even better because it’s being built to our specifications (in South Carolina, oddly enough).  Unfortunately this also means we won’t get it until February and until then we’re driving a (very nice) borrowed car.  It’s much better than a rental but it’s still not “ours.”

I’m also out of a hotel but currently just renting a furnished apartment I found on  It was my first time using the site and they actually make it pretty easy to find a place.  I’m in a small one-bedroom that a lady rents out when her kids aren’t in town while her and her husband live in a bigger house in a village nearby.  She is very hospitable, loves Americans, and even has sent all three of her kids to the USA for high school.  Again, it’s a great to have a place to myself with a washing machine, good internet, and a kitchen but it’s still not my place with my stuff.

Luckily we were able to find a great apartment and have signed the lease to move in December 1st!  It’s in Stuttgart Süd (south) with easy access to public transportation (bus & U-bahn trains) and also a quick drive for me to work.  Soon we will move in with our suitcases of stuff and an air mattress to sleep on and then after Christmas our furniture and other things we haven’t seen for 3 months will arrive.  And with that, we will have finally “moved” to Germany…so come visit!

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