Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random German Food

I like food and I like taking pictures of food.  So here are a few meals I've had so far:

Traditional German breakfast can include sliced meats, cheese, and bread so I partook during my layover in Frankfurt on my way to Stuttgart.  My body had no idea what time it was so it was more of a snack than true breakfast.

I like gravy and so do Germans.  With the gravy is roast pork.  On the left is Spätzle, or Swabian noodles, which Wikipedia tells me is an egg noodle typical of southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  I've also seen it with cheese and ham bits as either a side or main dish.

Here's an example of a time where I just pointed at something on the menu since I don't know German.  Luckily I ended up with roast beef in gravy.  Instead of noodles, it came with a dumpling (Knödel) that was about the size, and density, of a baseball.  This made for a pretty heavy lunch but it was delicious. While it would seem to be an afterthought, the salads are actually really good here and often feature interesting things like corn or beets.

It's a long story why but instead of flying United Airlines to Germany, I was rebooked to Lufthansa and this was one of the snacks we got.  The pretzel guy amuses me.

This was my attempt at a healthy meal.  It was from a Scandinavian restaurant in the mall and consisted of fried fish, potatoes, and tartar sauce.  And a beer.  Beer is served everywhere and is generally $0.50 to $1.00 more than a soda or water but sometimes the same price.  Tap water is never served so if you want water, you have to pay for it.  I just assume go for beer.

 Not much is open on Sundays so my second Sunday here I gave up and ate a chicken wrap at the hotel.  With a beer.

This was another attempt at a healthy lunch.  It was grilled turkey.  Little did I know they would throw gravy and a slab of herb butter on it and then add fries. Not that I was going to complain either.

I landed in Stuttgart at 9am and I knew it would be several hours before my hotel room would be ready so I just headed downtown.  I parked the car (with a month's worth of clothes in it) and wandered down to what I would later realize is Die Königstraße.  They had some kind of festival going on so I bought a bratwurst (and a beer) from a tent that seemed to be raising money for charity.  I say seemed to because without knowing any German I have no idea what it was for. But it was good and seemed like an appropriate introduction to my new home.

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