Sunday, October 13, 2013

Having a Beer (or Two) at the Volksfest

Matt went to Volksfest ( today to check out the locals. It was a huge festival with lots of carnival-like rides, games, and food stands. Unfortunately, Matt did not win any XXXL stuffed animals.  He will have to try again next year.

Then there were 10 gigantic biergartens interspersed that held thousands of people eating, dancing, and drinking that tent's special beer by the liter.  The tents were very elaborate.

They were filled with people dancing on the benches.  The songs had choreography that everyone in the biergartens knew. Matt was worried about injuries when everyone jumped up and down at once.  While holding liters of beer.  Wearing lederhosen and dirndls.

Matt focused on beer drinking rather than dancing.

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