Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mama H Visit (part 2 - quick trip to France)

We were sad see to see Dad go, but decided to press on with more adventures!  On Saturday we loaded back up in the car and made the quick drive over to the Alsace region of France.  It's just over an hour away but provides amazing difference in language, food, and culture.  Plus this particular area is full of fun little wine towns.  You might remember our adventures here with Abby and Jack.

Since we had been a couple of times before, Kristin picked out a new town to see and we settled on Riquewihr.  Having made it through World War II relatively unscathed, it still features much of what was built here in the 16th century and has retained the medieval architecture, including the wall around the city and a small castle.

First stop was lunch, so we had crepes and cider just outside the wall to get into a French spirit.

Next we headed into the center of town.

Despite the rain in Stuttgart, it was a beautiful day in Riquewihr.

Again, Natalie slept right through it

Once we had enough touristing, we headed to the supermarket to grab some French delicacies before heading back across the border.  We stocked up on goodies like chocolate, cheese, and wine...but there were a few things I couldn't convince the ladies to let me sneak into the cart.

Wow France, did you import this from Minnesota?
On the way home we took advantage of the long, long summer day and stopped in Baden Baden for dinner.  I enjoyed our trip but was happy to be back to the land of wurst, kraut, potatoes, and beer. 

Wow, sehr deutsch!
The other notable part to dinner was an infamous diaper Natalie left me to handle by myself in the back of the restaurant, but I'll save that story for another day.  Afterward we did a quick walk around town to enjoy the beautiful buildings by sunset.  Fun facts: Baden Baden was a site for Roman baths in the first century and was the headquarters for the French occupation forces in Germany after WWII.

We were happy to bring a little France home with us.

This kind of trip reminds me of how lucky we are to live in such an awesome area.  And makes me wonder how I have not gained 50 pounds!

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