Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Quick Stopover in Zurich

Abby and Jack booked their flight from Iceland into Zurich, which is less than 100 miles from Stuttgart as the crow flies.  We decided it would be fun to fly back from Iceland with them and then spend the day exploring Zurich before catching a train to Stuttgart.

We initially ignored the historic beauty of the city and instead focused on the important stuff--the food.  Since we were in Switzerland, we felt obligated to stop for some cheese fondue and raclette grilling.  We didn't have to ask Abby twice.  Or Matt.

Our bellies full, we headed off to explore the river area and Lake Zurich, guided by our ever-present Rick Steves travel book.  His walking tours have helped us find (and understand) highlights of more than a few cities!

But we got distracted by food again before we even got to the lake.  We spent more than a few minutes shopping at the macaroon and chocolate shop.  Yum.

Everyone checked out the lake.  It looked like a lake (with some weird statues just because).

Next, we walked up a hill to get a view over the river and the city.  Jack got distracted by the folks playing chess on huge boards (with an audience), while Matt and Kristin checked out the view.

Just a few short hours later it was time to grab our bags from the train station and head back to Stuttgart.

Thanks for the new bags, Polly!
Even after a long day they were excited to get to Germany

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