Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 3 excuses for why we haven’t posted anything in a while

  1. No internet at our apartment – After signing up online for Kabel BW service December 5, we still have not been contacted about installing it.  Kristin is ready to pull her hair out -- and she doesn't have much to begin with.  You don't realize how reliant you are on Internet access, until you can't get some German folks to actually install it.  We may have found a solution, so we are excited to get Internet up and running soon.
  2. New computer – I bought a macbook pro to replace the 6 year old laptops Kristin and I were using and haven’t consolidated all of the photos we’ve taken recently.
  3. Holidays – We spent 2 weeks in the US and had a great time catching up with many of you!
Sit tight and look forward to some new posts soon.

P.S. I converted this alcove in the spare bedroom into a closet so my clothes aren't hanging on the stairs anymore.  Ikea had a shoe rack and matching clothes rack that fit within 1/8" of each side in the space we had.  With a lot of drilling, anchors and removing the legs of the shoe rack with a saw, we now have an awesome closet solution.  

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